What are we doing?

Estación Caribe: A model for the youth

"This is the story of a community which in the past faced so much violence and in this
war what they forgot to remove was my people's happiness "
Song: "My People"
Estación Caribe


A group of young musicians who grew up in the middle of the violence in the heart of Moravia, a slum in Medellín, Colombia. They are a model of strength and joy, qualities needed to overcome the devastation left by the conflict.


Purpose and Priorities:

  • Capacity building: Strengthening the capacity of individuals and organizations to implement and sustain good practices and effective ways of working.
  • Collaboration: Building alliances and networks with other projects and organizations to encourage knowledge sharing within the community.
  • Diversity: Promoting greater equality and access to goods and activities for the most marginalized beneficiaries.
  • Public Engagement with Critical Social Issues: Using the power of arts and culture to promote discussion, debate, and critical reflection on social issues of importance to target communities and beneficiaries.


We invite you to help to fulfill this dream and help the Moravia community.

Full description of the project HERE


A day in the life of Estación Caribe

Proyectos en Medellín