Revive recognizes your effort in helping us to fulfill our mission. Your generous donations represented in different forms are very valuable for us.


We want to thank:


Maite, has been cooperating with Revive by helping Estación Caribe to launch their album. The boys are finishing to record and getting ready to work for their community. Maite Hontelé toured with the world-famous Buena Vista Social Club and lately was featuring with one of the gurus of the salsa, Oscar D' León.

Eero Heinonen, bassist of the Finnish band "The Rasmus". He has also played in "Korpi Ensemble" for many years and has a side project called "Hay and Stone", where he is bass player and lead singer. 


Eero has donated a bass guitar for our project, Estación Caribe: A model for the youth.

Pedro Ruíz

Is a Colombian artist, rewarded with the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (Order of Arts and Letters), given by the Ministry of Culture of France. He is also part of the Hallmark of Colombian Artists. His work "Desplazamiento" (Displacement) is a sample of the artist's concern for the humanitarian crisis that his country is going through.

Pedro has donated the image of "La Maj vestida" to be the representation of "My body is not a weapon of war". She is the woman who would like to carry everything with her, even the landscape, because it is part of her culture, but she has to flee to the big city in order to preserve her life.


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