My Body is not a territory of war

La Maj vestida. From the series "Desplazamiento" (Displacement) by Pedro Ruiz
La Maj vestida. From the series "Desplazamiento" (Displacement) by Pedro Ruiz

"We have to leave everything behind.

Our farms - source of income.

Our homes - abode of peace.

Our landscapes cannot be packed in our luggages amid the rush.

It's time to flee!

The only thing left for us is this other jungle,

a huge city ready to swallow us,

is the scar in our bodies,

which hurts much deeper in the heart"


(A poem by a victim of sexual violence in Colombia)

Women and girls have been subjected to widespread and systematic sexual violence by all parties in the long-running Colombian armed conflict. Their bodies have become a weapon to sow terror within communities and so make it easier for military control to be imposed, to force whole families to flee their homes and allow land to be appropriated, and to wreak revenge on adversaries.


Revive wants to be an advocate for the victims of sexual violence in Colombia.

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